Services-Regulatory Compliance

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Hytelligence Solutions is dedicated to providing an array of services aimed at ensuring NERC CIP and Operations & Planning compliance. Our capabilities include the following:

NERC CIP and O&P Program Development: We provide expert guidance and assistance in developing a comprehensive program to ensure compliance with NERC CIP and O&P regulations.

NERC CIP and O&P Gap Analysis: Our team identifies and evaluates gaps in your current compliance program against NERC CIP and O&P standards, providing a clear path toward compliance.

NERC CIP and O&P Policy Review and Development: We review existing policies and develop new ones to align your operations with the requirements of NERC CIP and O&P.

NERC CIP and O&P Audit Preparation: Our team prepares your organization for a NERC CIP and O&P audit, reducing the likelihood of non-compliance findings.

NERC CIP and O&P Mock Audit: We conduct mock audits to assess your organization’s readiness for an actual audit, identifying areas of weakness and opportunities for improvement.

NERC CIP-002-5.1 BES System Categorization: We assist in categorizing your Bulk Electric System (BES) in accordance with NERC CIP-002-5.1, determining the assets that need protection.

Physical Security Assessments: Our experts conduct physical security assessments to ensure the security of your critical infrastructure, identifying and addressing any vulnerabilities.

NERC CIP Supply Chain Risk Management: We provide assistance in managing supply chain risks in accordance with NERC CIP requirements, helping you mitigate potential threats.

NERC CIP Vulnerability Assessment: Our team performs comprehensive vulnerability assessments to identify and address any potential weaknesses in your system.

NERC CIP and O&P Staff Augmentation: We provide experienced personnel to bolster your team, ensuring adequate staffing to meet NERC CIP and O&P compliance requirements.

NERC CIP-008 Incident Response: We aid in establishing and implementing a robust incident response plan that adheres to NERC CIP-008 regulations.

NERC CIP-009 Disaster Recovery: Our team assists in developing a disaster recovery plan that is in line with NERC CIP-009, ensuring your system’s resilience in the face of disasters.

NERC CIP Automation: We offer automation solutions to streamline compliance with NERC CIP requirements, reducing the time and resources needed to maintain compliance.