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Hytelligence adds value through its innovative integration of AI technology with cybersecurity solutions, offering personalized, AI-driven consultations to match clients with the most suitable cybersecurity measures.

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Our team of professionals skilled in cybersecurity and strategic partnerships for operational support, positions Hytelligence as a provider of customized, compliant cybersecurity solutions.

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Welcome to Hytelligence, founded on principles of unwavering service, exceptional value, and uncompromising integrity. I’m Michael Hylton, and my career has shaped a dedication to creating tailored, innovative solutions that meet your unique needs.

We believe in conducting business with transparency and honesty, becoming not just a provider, but a reliable partner in your success. Explore the offerings of Hytelligence and join us in this new era of exceptional service, value, and integrity.

—Michael Hylton, Founder

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Why Cross-Domain Solutions are Essential in Regulated Industries

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  • Posted by Hytelligence
  • On May 11, 2023

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Managed IT and Cyber Services

Strengthen your defenses and safeguard your critical assets in IT and OT environments.

Curated Offerings For Resale

Carefully curated, cutting-edge cybersecurity software from industry-leading providers, enabling enhanced protection for your critical assets.

GTM Enablement

Comprehensive support to help businesses effectively market innovative solutions, unlocking growth opportunities and competitive advantages in the fast-paced technology landscape.

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